Unprocessed trash is a big problem in most big cities. It is caused by the people’s habit to dispose their trash to river. Consequently, it often triggers flood in big cities. To respond this, four students of Electronics Technology Education Study Program of the Faculty of Engineering developed the design of Inntopes or Innovation Tools Pengangkat Sampah (Innovation Tools for Trash Carrier). They are Slamet RIyanto, Robertus Kurnianto, Herdyanta Septian Putra, and Febrian Erwin.
Slamet Riyanto, the group leader, said that Inntopes is designed as a river trash carrier using conveyor system. “Inntopes works automatically using sensor to detect river trash. It, then, carries such trash to a trash can on the river side to assist trash carrier officer,” he said.
“It consists of three main components, namely trash can, microcontroller-based electrical motor and battery,” said Slamet Riyanto.
It was tested in Babrik, Sendangrejo, Minggir, Sleman and gained positive responses from local farmers due to its effective way to reduce trash pollution,” he said.
“From the test, the sensor works when the trash are on the Inntopes’ spoke. However, Its conveyor fork sometimes is hooked by the spoke. Therefore, It needs several improvements,” Slamet said
He said that the conveyor works very well to carry the trash into the trash can. “I admit that this tool only works for the trash detected by the sensor. However, we hope that it encourages everyone to develop trash carrier tool for such trash trapped on the river side,” he closed. (hryo)
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