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The students of Mechanical Engineering Education 2013 displayed their technological works in the lobby of the Department on March 3rd, 2016. (01/ 03-2016). Various innovations were created by the students as the provision of sustainable technology amid growing problem in society.

Approximately there were 30 products were exhibited in this event. One of the most interesting products was the water cycle by Dwi Agung, Robi Hasan, Dede Pardia and Kevin Indra. This bicycle was designed as an alternative short-distance water transport. It works like ordinary bicycle and it can be operated in water with a minimal depth of 60 cm.
There was also electric pedicab developed as environmentally friendly transportation for tourist areas, especially Malioboro. Risna Sari Dewi, said that the creation of electric pedicab was intended to make Malioboro, as the landmark of Yogyakarta city, free form air pollution.

“We expected that the electric pedicab can be the mode of transportation that retains the characteristics and cultural aspects of Yogyakarta city" she added
"Pedicab has become the icon of Malioboro, and we want to increase this potential, with a touch of innovation that combines it with electric power" she added.
There were also other interesting products for examples the rice dryer machine, the wear testing machine, the plastic shredder machine, and others.

This exhibition was one of assessment stages for the students’ works. This assessment covers several aspects such as the benefits and the performance of the products. It emphasized on how the products solve the problems in the society, the products’ safety, innovation, originality and the sophistication of technology.

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