Representatives of the Government of Victoria, Australia Showed Initiative to Plan a Batik Workshop for Australians in YSU

Belinda Rimbo, Education Services Director of the Government of Victoria, Australia  admitted that it was very interesting that YSU and Kangan Institute, Australia conducted a collaboration in batik design. (03/07/2014).Together with Brett Stevens, Commissioner for Victoria to Indonesia and Graham Long from Kangan Institute, visited YSU and Kangan Institute Students’ Batik Design Exhibition at the Faculty of Engineering, YSU. “It is interesting that Indonesian and Australian students are able to collaborate on creating the trend designs of Batik for international market,” said Belinda. Brett Stevens, showed his appreciation for the designs and patterns. He admitted that they were beautiful and unique. “So impressive,” he expressed.Both representatives of the government of Victoria agreed that it would be a good idea to conduct a workshop in collaboration with the Fashion and Hospitality Education Department of YSU. “It will be useful if we send our people to learn about Batik here,” said Brett Stevens. We will consider things related to the plan and we hope there are further discussions sooner to make it happen,” Bret Steven said to the representatives of YSU Fashion and Hospitality Education Department.