The Student Affairs Unit of the Faculty of Engineering, YSU held Entrepreneurship Soft Skills training at Magelang on 15-16 November 2015. Welcoming the 120 trainees, the Vice Dean III, Dr. Budi Tri Siswanto, emphasized the importance of developing entrepreneurial competence for students.

"Entrepreneurship is not solely about making money but about the ability to read the opportunities and to do action," he suggested.

"YSU continues its efforts to facilitate the development of students’ entrepreneurship skills and this training was to stimulate the entrepreneurial spirit of the students," he explained.

Dr. Tri Budi added that the outcome of the training would be a draft proposal submitted to the Student Entrepreneurial Program or Student Creativity Program for entrepreneurial sector at the University level.

In this training, several speakers shared their experiences and provided insights so that the students got input for writing an innovative and creative entrepreneurship draft proposal.

The first session of the training had speakers who are teachers of entrepreneurship courses at Muhammadiyah University of Magelang, Ir. Mohammed Aman, M.T. and Dra. Retno Rusdianti. Besides teaching, they are also active as mentors for small and medium-sized enterprises in Central Java region.

Then the session was followed by the exposure from the practitioner and the entrepreneurial actor, Muchammad Sri W. where participants learned a real story about his struggle in starting and running a business and some tips in maximizing the existing opportunities.

Afterwards, the participants who were mostly the 4th semester students was listening to the testimony from their senior,  Afi, who won his  Student Entrepreneurial Program proposal last year and currently runs the sound system rental business.

The last session presented one of Electrical Engineering Education Lecturers, Ilmawan Mustaqim, M.T. who is also the expert staff of Vice Rector III. He explained the concept of Technopreneurship that is currently a trend because it does not take much cost to support this business area.

After the exposure from the speakers, the participants were given a session to complete and improve their individual entrepreneurial proposals, accompanied by lecturers from every Department.

The next day , all participants were invited to do rafting at Elo river as a refreshment to close the training.