Double Degree Programs: A Collaboration between YSU and Youngsan University, South Korea

Prof. Dr. Je Dae-Sik, M.Pd., the Director of the Office of Indonesia Affairs at Youngsan University, visited YSU Faculty of Engineering on January 23rd, 2015. In an presentation session during his visit, he presented the graduate programs at Youngsan University, South Korea. This presentation session was attended by lecturers and students of YSU Faculty of Engineering.

Dr. Bruri Triyono, M.Pd., the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, in his speech said, “If you want to study abroad, opportunities are open for you.” The faculty has been developing network with ASEAN universities and it expects students to be able to compete with other students from ASEAN countries.

Meanwhile, Prof. Dr. Je Dae-Sik, M.Pd. further explained that in collaboration with YSU, Youngsan University offers double degree programs for bachelor’s and master’s degrees. “In the master’s programs, YSU students are required to complete 15 credits (2 semesters) prior to their study at Youngsan University for 16 credits (2 semesters),” he said.

For the bachelor’s degree, the double degree program in Youngsan University starts after the students have completed 70 credits in YSU. The fees can be covered from a number of scholarships.

Youngsan University is highly concerned with its cooperation with Indonesia. Its Office of Indonesia Affairs is located in Busan. Next May, selection will be conducted for YSU who want to pursue their double degrees at Youngsan University.