Fashion Sustainability

The study program of Fashion Desain Education, Faculty of Engineering YSU hosted a guest lecturing program presenting Fabia Pryor, the Coordinator of Textile and Fashion Hub of Kangan Institute, Australia (9-12 / 02-2016). The lecture explained about Fashion Sustainability. Fabia Pryor shared her knowledge, experiences and skills in four different classes attended by the lectures and the 2nd – 6th semester students for 4 days.

The Sustainable Fashion or also known as Eco-Fashion itself is an ongoing issue in the world today. The purposes of this concept are environmental protection and social responsibility. The concept of Sustainable Fashion is the concept of sustainable design in which a product is designed and manufactured with taking into account the environmental and social impacts.

In the concept of Sustainable Fashion, designers are now starting to introduce an eco-friendly method with environmentally friendly materials and environmentally responsible production methods. "Sustainability is not just a trend but a responsibility and it is not the task of the generation after us but this is our mission in fashion for the present and the future," she explained
“We do not inherit the earth from our parents but we borrow it from the generation after us. That is what should be used as an encouragement to develop Eco-Fashion," she added

She also stressed that Eco-Fashion includes the design, the choice of materials, dyeing, manufacturing, packaging and distribution and also after sales service, washing and usage.
"To be the sustainable fashion design product, the fashion products should be able to be used in multiple times (timeless), the design is not only beautiful, but technically can be well-made by using green materials (it is better to use recycled materials) with eco-friendly transportation or distribution, "said Fabia.

She then encouraged the faculty and the students to continue exploring the brilliant ideas in the field of fashion by utilizing secondhand materials. In the last session, she assigned all students to develop the concept of Eco-Fashion industry that is suitable for Indonesia.