Vision and Mission

In 2025, becoming an excellent faculty in technology and vocational education based on conscience, autonomy and intelligence.
Mid-Term (2014-2018)
Producing pious, autonomous, and intellectual Bachelor of Education and Diploma III (non-educational graduates) in the field of technology and vocation in accordance with the development of science and technology in the global era
1. To conduct academic education, profession education and vocational education in the field of technology and vocational education with the support of non-educational fields to facilitate the development of students in becoming graduates who uphold piety, autonomy, and intellectuality.
2. To manage basic and applied research on vocational education and technology.
3. To conduct community service and society empowerment to encourage the development of social and natural potentials to establish the public welfare.
4. To establish transparent and accountable faculty governance.
5. To develop the resources and to strengthen the partnership to achieve the vision.