Message from the Dean

A warm welcome from Faculty of Engineering, Yogyakarta State University
As one of seven faculties in Yogyakarta State University, Faculty of Engineering has focused on education, research, and contribution to society as roles of the university (Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi, or “Three Principles of Higher Education”). This faculty aims at preparing vocational teachers to gain teaching skills of the specific area of expertise in technology and developing non-educational field (Diploma III level) with the mastery of skills on the particular areas of expertise. The students are trained to obtain the certificate of expertise.  
Faculty of Engineering of Yogyakarta State University provides the workshops and labs with the industrial standards and emphasizes the academic environment of practice as well as skills building. Workshops and labs become the center of the teaching-learning process for both theory and practice of hands-on learning.
Being trusted by Indonesia government to conduct teacher education and training for vocational fields, Faculty of Engineering of Yogyakarta State University actively conduct partnerships with regional and international institutions as well as organizations to upgrade its quality and credibility to elevate vocational education.
Dr. Widarto