Faculty of Engineering, Yogyakarta State University occupies in 55.000 m2 area, with 22% of building area. The building is designed based on the need and concept of engineering education. The teaching and learning rooms are situated in quite area and workshops are accessible for material supply and in case of emergency. Offices and teaching staff rooms are between quite and busy academic space. Meanwhile, supporting rooms and academic affair service rooms are close to the main entrance. This faculty provides complete facilities including classroom, laboratory, workshop, library, job bursa office, center of student activity, academic supporting room, and information technology access.

The classroom has a function for theoretical learning such as delivering information, discussion, and doing the theory tasks. There are 46 units of classroom including regular classroom, hall, and theater room. The ordinary classrooms are 63-72m2 in the width that can carry up to 40 students, 81m2 theater room that can carry up to 60 students, and 3 types of hall i.e. the exhibition room with capacity of 150 students, 300 students and 600 students. All classrooms are equipped with viewer, LCD and internet connection.

  the Discussion area  
  the Classroom   
  Lab. Civil Engineering and planning  
  Lab. Mechanical Engineering  
  Lab. Automotive Engineering  
  Lab. Electrical Engineering  
  Lab. Electronic & Information Technology  
  Fashion Show by. the students  
  Lab. Culinary   
  Lab Cosmetology